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Quick & Easy Barbecue Pork and Mushrooms



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6 lb. pork tenderloin, trimmed
6 tbsp. barbeque sauce, honey-smoked
12 portabella mushroom caps, sliced into 1/4" strips
6 tbsp. grill seasoning, mesquite
6 tbsp. olive oil


  1. 1
    Place the pork in a hotel pan or disposable aluminum pan. Rub the barbecue sauce on the pork. Toss the mushroom strips with the grill seasoning and spread them around the pork. Drizzle the oil over the pork and mushrooms.
  2. 2
    Cover the pan tightly with foil. Place the pan on a 350°F grill or in an oven. Let the pork cook 1 hour, then check to see if it is tender. Cook longer, as needed, remove from the grill, and let rest 15 minutes.
  3. 3
    Cut the pork into sections and shred it. Mix the shredded pork with some of the remaining juices from the pan to moisten.
  4. 4
    For each serving, to order: Reheat about 6 oz. pork and mushrooms.


Recipe courtesy of the Mushroom Council and

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