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Chilean Fresh Fruit


Nothing warms up the atmosphere like the colors of fresh “Summertime Fruits.” 

On the menu, in your décor, and in your promotions, the flavor and freshness of ripe, wholesome fruits light up sales and incremental profits. It is about keeping up with the trends - to healthier eating and fresh ideas. Whether it is sit-down dining or grab go, fresh fruit is a merchandising “slam dunk” in market today:

  • As a menu item in its own right.
  • On the salad bar.
  • As a healthy addition on the side.
  • Combined with other items like cereals, yogurt, and baked goods.
  • As a principal ingredient in exiting new recipes.

Let you customers know you care. Increasingly, they perceive fresh fruits as high-value items, worth a premium price.

 At the salad bar:

  • Brighten the color and visual appeal on your salad bar or salad station with a variety of fruits and mixed colors, strategically positioned throughout your display.
  • Offer a dip for fruits on a kabob - or a “fountain” of chocolate or other sweet treats to pour over the top of cut fruit or whole berries.
  • Promote daily or weekly fresh fruit features - with names and themes like: “Spoonfuls Lovin”, “Apple Blossom Week” , “Keep the Doctor Away”, “Grape Expectations”, “Sweet Naturals”. Put some WOW in the operation. Let the creative juices flow.
  • These days, a salad bar or salad display should be no less than 25% fresh fruit items.
 At the take out or grab go station:
  • Pre-cut fruits as a meal, or as side items, are booming in popularity. With Chilean fruits coming in to fill the seasonal gaps, you can make fresh fruit a permanent year-round part of your take-out profits.
  • Perk up your sandwiches and wraps with some fresh fruit ingredients or garnish.
  • Distinguish yourself with small touches - kiwi slices with a sprinkle of poppy or sesame seeds, mixed grapes and apple slices with a dollop of yogurt and cinnamon or nutmeg - try out new combinations.
  • Print some labels that loudly proclaim the fresh and healthy benefits of your fresh fruit items - including nutrition data if practical.
 In full service operations:
  • Blow your horn loudly - with fresh fruit items on your menu. You have a lot to offer your patrons in mouth-watering flavors and valid nutrition benefits.
  • Sound-off with menu clip-ons, table tents, posters and flyers promoting your interest in your patrons good health.
  • Make up some “Ask About Our Summer Fresh Fruits“ buttons and aprons for your wait staff.
  • Decorate your reception area and back-of-the-counter with colorful bowls of mixed fruits.
  • Create events around your fresh fruit-based features - special menus with four or five items containing strawberries, kiwi, mixed berries, pears - proclaim a week dedicated to one flavorful variety offered in appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts. (See our Menu Inspirations pages for some great new ideas.)

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