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Oregon Dungeness Crab


For the purist, Live Dungeness is the best there is. Delivered nationwide overnight, live crab offer that ‘fresh off the boat’ flavor that will satisfy the most sophisticated palate. Cooking is easy and the dining experience, unparalleled.

Bright orange Whole-Cooks epitomize crab eating West Coast ‘crab feed’ style. Purchased fully cooked and ready-to-eat, cooked crab must be cleaned (eviscerated) before serving. Often done at the point-of-purchase, cleaning is simple and requires only a sink and running water.

Frozen Sections, or ‘clusters’ as they are commonly referred to, are simply a cooked and cleaned crab, minus the back shell and split in half. They require minimum preparation labor and provide the ‘crack the shell’ experience that makes crab eating just plain fun.

Labor-saving Picked Meat is usually sold as a mixture of whole and broken leg meat, accompanied by the pure white ‘body meat’ from the shoulder area under the shell back. It is fully cooked and ready to add its distinctive flavor to the chef’s favorite recipe.

Fry Legs refer to a special pack consisting of only whole leg portions and are the ‘gold standard’ of enjoying Dungeness crab.

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