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National Onion Association


Foodservice Guide to Onions

Onions for All Seasons

Onions can be divided into two categories:  Spring/Summer fresh onions and Fall/Winter storage onions.

Spring/summer Fresh Onions

Spring/summer fresh onions are available in yellow, red and white throughout their season, March through August. Fresh onions can be identified by their thin, light-colored skins. Because they have a higher water content, they are typically sweeter and milder than storage onions. This higher water content also makes them more susceptible to bruising.

With their delicate taste, fresh onions are an ideal choice for salads and other fresh and lightly-cooked dishes.

Fall/winter Storage Onions

Fall/winter storage onions are available August through April. Also available in yellow, red and white, storage onions have multiple layers of thick, dark, papery skins. Storage onions have an intense flavor and a higher percentage of solids.

Storage onions are the best choice for savory dishes that require longer cooking times or more flavor. The

Color of Onions

Onions come in three colors - yellow, red and white. Approximately 87 percent of the onions produced in the United States are yellow, with about 8 percent red onions and 5 percent white onions.

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