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California Dried Plum Board


California Dried Plums have many features which offer great benefits.

Natural - A known food product with FDA specifications, cleaner label declaration and that can reduce/replace synthetic ingredients.

Fiber - Attracts moisture, particularly in extra-lean meat and poultry products and low-fat baked goods.

 Sorbitol - Retains moisture, particularly in extra-lean meat and poultry products, in  precooked products and in baked goods.

Antioxidant - Serves as an antimicrobial agent in meat and poultry due to the natural antioxidants chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acids. Functions as a natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants to suppress lipid oxidation/"warmed-over flavor" (WOF) in  precooked prepared foods.

Low Glycemic Index - Published data indicates a glycemic index of 29 +/-4 and glycemic load of 7.

Sucrose Free - Dried plums contain virtually no sucrose.

Flavor Enhancer - The result of malic acid that potentiates flavors and flavor delivery when chewing.

Natural Preservative - The result of malic and other organic acids and antioxidants.

Extend Shelf Life - Dried plums help foods retain moisture and flavors and suppress the growth of various mold and bacteria that can shorten food shelf life.

Natural Caramel Color - Can replace caramel color that is often added to foods.  

Natural Sweetener - Can replace sugars and corn syrup solids.

Multifunctional - Replaces several ingredients to clean up labels.

Cost Control - Can help to control cost through fewer ingredients and longer shelf life.

Flavor System - Used in meat marinades and rubs, dried plums can be blended with off-the-shelf dry mixes or custom formulas. Dried plums have a non-characterizing flavor and accept other flavors including spices, fruits and chocolate and can serve as a base for a complete flavor system.


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