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California Walnut Board and Commission


Sweetening the bottom line California Walnuts

Whether you’re a restaurateur, personal chef or caterer, using a handful of walnuts in your menu items is a smart and subtle way that can lead to a bigger bottom line. Why California walnuts? They are the most flavourful walnuts in the world due to a combination of ideal climatic conditions and exceptional growing and processing standards.

As a topping on a hearty butternut squash soup or as a garnish alongside a rich carrot cake, California walnuts raise the customer’s perception of value without substantially raising your food costs. Likewise, offering the additional touch of California walnuts to menu items such as a cheese plate or charcuterie platter will encourage repeat business to your establishment by showing added value. As a bonus, California walnuts also add texture and flavour to your dishes that your guests will notice and enjoy.

Naturally sweeten your bottom line with the sweetness of California walnuts.

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