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Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board


The name filbert is the correct name for the tree and nut. The name is of French origin and the tree was likely first introduced into Oregon by early French settlers. Hazelnut is the name coined by the English and it was applied to the native species by early settlers. Hazelnut is more commonly used in marketing channels. In 1981 the Oregon Filbert Commission decided to conform to the common standard and began emphasizing "Hazelnut."  

According to a manuscript found in China, from the year 2838 B.C., the filbert took its place among the five sacred nourishments God bestowed on human beings. In olden times the filbert was used as a medicine & a tonic. The Greek physician Dioscorides 1800 years ago, emphasized the properties of the filbert:  "It cures chronic coughing if pounded filbert is eaten with honey. Cooked filbert mixed with black pepper cures the cold. If the ointment produced by mashing burnt filbert shells in suet is smeared on the head where hair does not grow due to normal baldness or to some disease, hair will come again."  Some thought 'filbert' was derived from St. Philibert, as August 22 is dedicated to him, corresponding to the earliest ripening date of filberts in England.

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