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Dine Out No Kid Hungry

Proud advocate of Share Our Strength’s 2012 Dine Out For No Kid Hungry

National Cattlemen's Beef Association

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) is the national trade association representing U.S. cattle producers, with more than 28,000 individual members and sixty-four state affiliate, breed and industry organization members. Together NCBA represents more than 230,000 cattle breeders, producers and feeders. NCBA works to advance the economic, political and social interests of the U.S. cattle business and to be an advocate for the cattle industry's policy positions and economic interests.

Olive Oil from Spain

Spain is both the primary producer and exporter of olive oil. The variety of olives produced in Spain is combined with the great diversity of microclimates throughout the country to produce an extensive variety of oils. Smooth, vibrant, bold, these unique oils are as distinctive and diverse as nature itself. Try new recipes or enhance your favorite meals with the taste of Olive Oil from Spain, the signature of good taste. Experiment with all of our brands, as each adds its own distinct flavor.

Foods From Spain

Spain has become an international reference in the avant-garde cuisine in the recent years. Result of a diverse heritage, rich in high quality and delicious ingredients and recipes, Spain’s gastronomy is a world reference with products like cheese, Piquillo peppers, clementines, Ibérico ham, olive oil and many more. Rediscover the pleasure of food with Foods from Spain.

Fresh Supersweet Corn

Supersweet Corn is guaranteed to light up a customer’s meal. These ears are the color of sunshine…a feast for the eyes…and then there’s the unforgettable taste of the juicy kernels! It’s a pretty sweet deal for operators, too, because fresh sweet corn is available year round, thanks to the long growing season in Florida.

Avocados from Mexico

Mexico exports an average of more than 550 million pounds of fresh Hass avocados a year to the United States, and also enjoys significant export markets in Japan, Europe and Canada.

Chilean Fresh Fruit

Flavorful and healthful fresh fruits are at an all-time high in consumer popularity. What better time to incorporate them into mouth-watering menu offerings? Take full advantage of the year-round availability of many of the most appealing varieties that are now available - with Chile filling the seasonal gaps.

Prosciutto di Parma

Every ham we produce must meet rigorous standards set and enforced by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma®, an association of more than two hundred producers, before earning the right to bear the five-point ducal crown mark. Because every step is documented, the production process is completely traceable.

Discover Mussels

Fresh cultured blue mussels. The perfect food. The aquaculture industry is generally known to be one of the most sustainable industries in the world. Mussel farming is a shining example of how nutritious and delicious food can be raised in a sustainable way.

Oregon Dungeness Crab

Oregon Dungeness crab is available in a variety of fresh and frozen market forms. As a center-of-the-plate entrée or an exciting appetizer, it is guaranteed to please the most discriminating shellfish lover.

California Fig Advisory Board

The fig flourishes in the fertile and sun drenched valleys of California, where vast orchards of fig trees can be found. Our growers and packers of California figs are committed to providing you with the highest quality, nutritious and safest fruit possible. Enjoy navigating through our site’s recipes, nutrition and fun facts……..and remember to eat California figs!

U.S. Highbush Blueberry

Fresh highbush or cultivated blueberries are plump and juicy with tender skins and tiny seeds. Color ranges from deep purple-blue to blue-black, highlighted by a silvery sheen called a "bloom". Size is not an indicator of maturity, but color is. Occasionally you may find a few red tinged berries that are not fully ripe but are still fine for cooking. Thaw frozen blueberries in the refrigerator. Store thawed produce in airtight container and use within 3 days. Never refreeze.

US Apple Association

Apples are grown in every state in the continental United States. Top-producing states include Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California and Virginia. Click on our name to learn more about us.

US Cranberries

Cranberries can offer vibrant color, refreshing taste, and health-promoting nutrients to many foods and beverages. Available in many convenient forms—from fresh and dried to juices and sauces—cranberries are an ingredient you can use throughout the day and throughout the year.

USA Rice Federation

The USA Rice Federation is the global advocate for all segments of the U.S. rice industry, conducting programs to build awareness and usage of U.S.-grown rice.

National Onion Association

Onions add layers of flavor, texture and color to all types of dishes – from appetizers to condiments to main entrees. With only 45 calories per serving, they provide important nutrients as well as health-promoting phytochemicals to the diet.

United Soy Board

Soy doesn't just mean tofu. Traditional soyfoods also include soymilk, soynuts and edamame (green soybeans), just to name a few. Food companies also develop new food products containing soy protein from veggie burgers to fortified pastas and cereals.

American Egg Board

The breakfast daypart continues to be of great interest to foodservice operators. Whether eaten on-premise, in the car or at the office, breakfast offers the operator opportunities to increase traffic and grow margins. Eggs are a ubiquitous part of breakfast and provide the highest-quality protein, versatility and convenience. The low food-cost provides operators with profitable opportunities to give their guests great value. Our goal is to provide you with data-driven information that will help you make good decisions about your breakfast program.

California Dried Plum Board

Foodservice operators can choose either California Dried Plums, a tasty, energy-rich snack, or prune juice or other further processed dried plum products as multifunctional ingredients for on-premise and processed food use.

Dairy Management Inc.

Dairy farmers work hard every day to bring you fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk products. Almost all dairies are family-owned, and as active members of their communities, farm families take pride in maintaining natural resources. That means preserving the land where they live and work, protecting the air and water they share with neighbors, and providing the best care for their cows—the lifeblood of their business.

Almond Board of California

California Almonds are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat, making them a deliciously tempting option for smarter meals and snacks. And research is now showing they may also help maintain a healthy heart. In 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a health claim recognizing that California Almonds can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level. And no, you’re not dreaming.

California Strawberry Commission

When it comes to fruits and veggies, some rank higher than others when it comes to nutrient content. Find out what defines a true “superfruit” and why strawberries are highly recommended by health professionals as part of a healthy diet.

Idaho Potato Commission

The Idaho Potato Commission provides you with everything you need to know about choosing, storing and preparing all varieties of Idaho Potatoes.

California Walnut Board and Commission

The California Walnut Board was established in 1948 to represent the walnut growers and handlers of California. The Board promotes usage of walnuts in the United States through publicity and educational programs. The Board also provides funding for walnut production and post-harvest research.

Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council

The Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council was formed in 1974 to benefit growers of cultivated wild rice in Minnesota. It is the Council’s mission to promote the cultivated wild rice industry through leadership, research, promotion and education.

Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board

Established in 1996, The Hazelnut Council represents the world's leading hazelnut producers, importers and distributors. The Council is comprised of members of the Turkish and American hazelnut industries as well as the Association of Food Industries (AFI).

Florida Tomato Committee

Fresh Florida tomatoes are low-calorie, low-sodium, a good source of vitamin A and an excellent source of vitamin C. Ripe, red Florida tomatoes add flavor, color and good nutrition to any dish. From soup to salad to sandwich to swordfish or simply sliced with salt and pepper, enjoy fresh and fabulous Florida tomatoes!

National Turkey Federation

Turkey has long been a staple for savvy foodservice managers and is a great value for the operator and the customer. Let the National Turkey Federation help you find some delicious turkey dishes today. Even in lean economic times, your customers are looking for a delectable dining experience.

National Peanut Board

In restaurants across the country and around the world, USA-grown peanuts and peanut butter are helping chefs earn rave reviews.  As a showcase ingredient, they offer a one-of-a-kind flavor and texture, and they’re a great flavor carrier.  They’re also versatile enough to complement virtually any cuisine from Asian to Latin to New American.  And they’re right in line with today’s high-flavor lifestyle.  So come on in and find the inspiration to help you create your own culinary sensation.

Mushroom Council

The Mushroom Council can provide you with the latest updates on mushroom trends and varieties. Visit for more information.

National Honey Board

The National Honey Board provides you, the chef, with everything you’ll need to get the most out of honey on your menu. Recipes, usage information and guides to honey varieties are available at their website.

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board provides you, a foodservice professional, with programming designed especially for you, whether you’re a restaurateur, chef, distributor or educator. From sampling to one-on-one workshops to how-to merchandise guides, you’ll find top-notch support that helps you tell the Wisconsin Cheese story.

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