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The Great Priced Sushi

Cookwork Perspective: In Tokyo Japan, several tuna fish were auctioned to the public. How much did the most expensive tuna sold? $736,000! Will you buy one for your restaurant? Bluefin Tuna Goes For Record $736,000 At Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market TOKYO -- This tuna is worth savoring: It cost nearly three-quarters of a million dollars. The bluefin tuna caught off northeastern Japan fetched a record 56.49 million yen, or about $736,000, Thursday in the first...



QSR Trends in 2012

Cookwork Perspective: There are various articles discussing the upcoming trends on restaurants, but only few are discussing what's in store for QSRs. Read our featured article to know QSR's future in 2012! Four top trends for QSR in 2012 The restaurant industry has entered another year filled with both opportunities and challenges, from a growing consumer demand for dining out to increased commodity costs threatening bottom lines. The quick-service sector specifically is expected to benefit...



Hotel Restaurant No More

Cookwork Perspective: Gone are the days when hotel restaurants' looks are themed after the hotel lobby. At least for some hotels who opt to change their restaurant's look. Do you think the revenue will increase if a hotel restaurant will look like a restaurant? Who Took the 'Hotel' Out of the Hotel Restaurant? The operators of Culina like to talk about the Beverly Hills, Calif., restaurant's lively bar scene, open crudo station and sleek design,...



Cocktail Options

Cookwork Perspective: Cocktails, as we know it, could be dangerously sweet. While it is a fact that there's no such thing as healthy cocktails, we as chefs, could only make it cleaner. How? Read our featured article: A Toast To Fresh, Festive Cocktails I am no stranger to unnatural drinks. Pittsburgh's Panther Hollow Inn, home bar for Carnegie Mellon students, is famed for its Purple Hooter — made with vodka, citrus soda and a heavy...



Organic Milk Shortage

Cookwork Perspective: With Norway's shortage of butter, will the production of organic milk be affected? Although not directly, but organic milk farmers fear that there will be a shortage this year. Is your restaurant going to be affected? Do you use organic milk for your dishes? Can We Expect An Organic Milk Shortage In 2012? It's been a tough few months for dairy, with Norway's butter shortage and now an ominous cloud looming over 2012...



Open Your Restaurant... Without The Red Tape

Cookwork Perspective: Although there's an agency that would help the new business owners cut through the red tape, critics are worried if the resources is too thin to handle the volume of applicants. Did you go through the red tape when you opened your business? Now, opening a restaurant is as easy as NBAT Opening a restaurant this year may get a lot easier as the city expands a program that helps business owners cut...



Center Stage: Gluten-Free

Cookwork Perspective: Years back, gluten-free diet is anonymous; it existed but rarely someone knows about this. Nowadays, gluten-free diet is getting more attention, unfortunately because of the rise of celiac disease. Could gluten-free diet help lessen the obesity problem of the populaton? Gluten free goes mainstream Recently, eating gluten-free has grown significantly in awareness and practice in the United States. Ten years ago most of us didn’t know what the diet encompassed let alone name...



Branding Your Restaurant in an App

Cookwork Perspective: Mobile apps are now another way of marketing your restaurant. The more features there is in the app, the more that your patrons will keep coming back. But don't let your app be "just another app", look what these restaurants did: Adding brand personality to a mobile app is important Bojangles' newly launched iPhone application includes a feature that allows the user to play digital cornhole alone or with a group of friends....



New Year's Resolution for Restaurants

Cookwork Perspective: With the new year, most restaurants are: thinking of new strategies to keep their establishment forwad, resolving issues that incurred last year, etc. In other words, they now have their New Year's Resolution. Read the article and see if their list matches yours! 50 Restaurant Resolutions For A Sucessful 2012 If ever there was a good time to make some positive changes to your restaurant’s operation, now is that time. An okay year...



The Food Agenda 2012

Cookwork Perspective: More younger generations are now going into farming which could help brighten the outlook for the year 2012. Are you seeing a bright year for food politics? Or is the crystal ball cloudy? Looking ahead to food politics in 2012 Political leaders will avoid or postpone taking action on food issues that threaten corporate interests. Sometimes Congress acts in favor of public health, but 2012 is an election year. Expect calls for corporate...


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