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Sharks Fin No More

Cookwork Perspective: The luxury hotel, Shangri-La, vows to stop serving sharks fin in all of its 72 hotels. Will you join them at this campaign? Ban on Shark Fin Soup Advances Through Asia HONG KONG—A swell of opposition against shark fin soup—a traditional but increasingly controversial Chinese dish—gained backing from the luxury Shangri-La hotel chain just days before Lunar New Year, underscoring efforts world-wide to stop the hunting and trading of the endangered fish. Shangri-La...



The Chef's Breakfast

Cookwork Perspective: As chefs, people don't expect our breakfast to consist of soggy cereal. Read through this article to know what chefs usually have for breakfast. What's yours? Start as you mean to go on: Chefs reveal their top tips for breakfasting like a king If there's one lesson that is drilled repeatedly into us by nutritionists, it's that we should all be eating a hearty, healthy breakfast. We are certainly all familiar with the...



Behind Chinese Cuisine

Cookwork Perspective: From chow mein and chips to Michelin-starred mu shu pork, Chinese food has become part of global cuisine. The chopstick effect: Celebrate Chinese food's rich history in the Year of the Dragon When in 2003 the Chinese restaurant Hakkasan won a Michelin star, some outside the world of London foodies were surprised. A Chinese restaurant? With a Michelin star? Really? If you head to the restaurant, founded by Alan Yau of Wagamama fame,...



Seasonality Reign Supreme for Specialty Menus

Cookwork Perspective: The third in our series from the Florida Department of Citrus. Nothing keeps a menu fresher than seasonal dishes. See how Florida Citrus can help keep your menu great at any time of the year. Seasonality Reigns Supreme for Specialty Menus Any season is the right season to update your menu. Seasonal menus allow you to showcase products and ingredients in their best light while they are readily available. Seasonality is not the only...



Move Over Olive, Rapeseed is Here

Cookwork Perspective: Rapeseed oil is all set to overtake olive oil as the chefs' favourite. Read through our featured article to know how could Rapeseed Oil make Olive Oil take the back seat. Your new secret ingredient: Rapeseed oil is set to overtake olive oil as the chefs' favourite It was originally grown to lubricate steam engines and even when culinary strains were developed and found to have outstanding health benefits, it was said the...



Mussel up your menu

In this Article: Mad About Mussels Mussels Primer  Mussels 101  Win a New Mussel Pot Top 10 Reasons to Serve PEI Mussels   Mad About Mussels with Chef Gordon Bailey Streaming and Broth use While the versatile blue cultured mussel can be prepared in many was, streaming is simple and traditional. Chef Gordon Baily reviews the key steps for mussel perfection every time. Mussel broth is a wonderful by-product of streaming. Learn how to creatively...



Anthony Bourdain Unsweetens Paula Deen

Cookwork Perspective: Slamming other chefs is not new in the business. But whenever we see a master chef slamming another, it never ceases to surprise us. This time, Anthony Bourdain did it again. Anthony Bourdain Slams Paula Deen After Diabetes Announcement Anthony Bourdain isn't done criticizing Paula Deen. The celeb chef and No Reservations star, who has bashed Deen's calorie-bomb recipes in the past, made an obvious dig at the Food Network star on Twitter...



Cleaning The Blood in Bloody Mary

Cookwork Perspective: Creating a good Bloody Mary is always a bloody process. But the key is to start with a good, dark mix, such as Hoosier Momma or Zing Zang. Read on to know what other fixes could you get for your next Bloddy Mary. Sorting through the bloody mess of Bloody Marys Molotov had his cocktail; I have mine — a fiery Bloody Mary, three parts tomato juice, 1 part vodka. Crumble in bits of...



Britain's Next Top Chef

Cookwork Perspective: His restaurant won an industry award for two consecutive years. All eyes are now on Chef Michael Caines. Does he have the potential to be the next legendary chef? Britain's best chef? His name is Michael Caines... In the 25 years since he won student of the year at Exeter Catering College, Michael Caines has quietly collected two Michelin stars, an MBE and numerous other plaudits. Greater public recognition surely awaits now, after his...



The Chef Idol

Cookwork Perspective: We don't expect that the salary of an Executive Chef in a stand-alone restaurant will be anywhere near Guy Fieri's salary. Read on our featured article to see who's the most successful chefs in America. America's Most Successful Chefs How much money do chefs make? According to Nation's Restaurant News, the leading U.S. food-service trade magazine, the average annual salary for an executive chef at a stand-alone restaurant in 2010 was $71,063. All...


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