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The Price of ‘Free Foods’

Cookwork Perspective: Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the diet fads your customers are trying out. Here's a quick guide to the pros and corns of some of the "free" foods they'll be asking about. The Price of ‘Free Foods’ "Free-from" food products, whether they're labeled sugar-free, fat-free or gluten-free, are fast becoming a trendy lifestyle choice, regardless of allergies or intolerance. The popularity of these products, tastier and more widely available than ever,...



Spring is Here

Spring has started with a bang this year.  It seems hard to believe that the cherry trees by my house have already bloomed, as have many other fruit trees.  While spring may have some men thinking thoughts of love, it has me thinking thoughts of ramps, asparagus and artichokes. Now is the time when I dust off my menu and start doing more experimenting.  There’s something about having more daylight and more access to produce...



A British Easter brunch, once stuffy foods are updated, now hip and trendy

Cookwork Perspective: From Kate Middleton to Downtown Abbey, Britain enjoying a spike in global popularity.  See how this new interest is translating into Easter brunch menus. A British Easter brunch, once stuffy foods are updated, now hip and trendy Tasty English food has gone from an oxymoron to a driving culinary trend in this country, thanks to chefs such as April Bloomfield of New York's Spotted Pig. Once-stuffy dishes rooted in British history are suddenly...



Best New Chefs 2012

Cookwork Perspective: Food & wine magazine has named its Best New Chefs for 2012. See the path that has led each of them to this honor.   Erik Anderson and Josh Habiger Exciting, approachable cooking with a Southern accent. Says Anderson, “If you get gorgeous grass-fed meat and destroy it, what good is farm-to-table?”     Danny Grant Crafting subtle and sophisticated flavor combinations. “Some people get so hung up on the way things look,...



Why Certain Flavor Combinations Melt In Your Mouth

  The chemistry of flavor determines much about which foods people enjoy together.     Image by: Foodpairing     By Chris Gorski Inside Science News Service (ISNS) -- Do all cuisines thrive on kindred flavors? New research suggests that some cuisines may be based on combinations of dissimilar ingredients, but critics say the work is not filtering out flavors that may be unimportant to understanding why dishes are enjoyable. British chef Heston Blumenthal is...



An Irish Favourite: The Drunken Mussel

  St. Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us once more,  bringing waves of green clothing and face paint, sparkling shamrocks – and most enjoyable of all – cold beer. For those looking for an authentic and fun Irish inspired meal to accompany their celebrations, they need look no further than fresh PEI drunken mussels. While boxty potato pancakes make for a nice breakfast and the classic bangers and mash is a filling lunch, the...



Celebrity Chef Turned Entrepreneur

Cookwork Perspective: To many, goal setting is the absolute first step in achieving business success. Entrepreneur and celebrity chef Susan Feniger has some insights on how to achieve your goals. Read below for more details. 10 Insights from Entrepreneur and Celebrity Chef Susan Feniger After reimagining Mexican cuisine with her Border Grill restaurants in Southern California and Las Vegas and competing on Bravo's Top Chef Masters, chef Susan Feniger says she's always thinking of new...



RealiTV for Baristas

Cookwork Perspective: Using a mainstream media like TV is one of the best ways to attract customers for any brand. We've just heard that Baristas are trying to develop their own reality TV series to promote the brand and is auditioning for talent. What's your reaction to this? Do you feel the reality TV show appeal is overdone? Should a foodservice outlet promote itself in such a way? Baristas, the Hooters of Coffee, Tries Reality TV...



6 More Reasons to “Heart” PEI Mussels

 Mussels, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Chefs love putting PEI Mussels on the menu. They are a delicious and versatile food, available fresh all year round and, like all shellfish, have a high-perceived value. Not to mention the fact that fresh mussels are also packed with important nutrients and health benefits, too! This makes mussels perfect for the health conscious restaurant patron in pursuit of nutritional value —as well as...



Making sense – and cents – with fresh PEI mussels.

      When it comes to seafood, there’s no doubt that freshness counts big time. In fact freshness is consistently rated as one of the most important qualities that customers look for when buying or ordering seafood.  That’s where PEI mussels lead the freshness pack: these shiny blue bivalves are alive right up until the moment they are cooked and just minutes before being served.  Freshness is just one of many reasons mussels...


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