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Hubert Keller's Top 10 Obsessions

Cookwork Perspective: See what top chef Hubert Keller is obsessing about.  Let us know what you're doing and what's caught your attention this year. Top Chef Top 10: Hubert Keller He's a Top Chef MVP: a judge on Top Chef and Just Desserts and a Masters contestant. The owner of Fleur de Lys in San Francisco and Las Vegas is also a DJ and a Lady Gaga fan. He tells F&W's Kate Krader about 10...



Our Changing Tastes

Tastes change.  You only have to look back to the styles of the 1970’s and 1980’s to see how true that is.  What I’ve realized recently is how much my tastes have changed.  When I was younger, there were certain flavors that just didn’t appeal to me:  beets, blue cheese and hazelnuts to name a few.   Now I crave these flavors.  I’ve often wondered how and why this happens.  One theory I’ve heard is that...



Starbucks To Phase Out Cochineal Extract

Cookwork Perspective: McDonald's admitted to using Pink Slime in their burgers, Starbuck's to using an extract from bugs in a variety of items.  How do your customers know that what you're serving is as pure as they'd like it to be? Starbucks to phase out cochineal extract Bowing to customer pressure, Starbucks Corp. on Thursday announced it will transition away from using cochineal extract, a colorant made from the crushed bodies of dried bugs, in...



9 Ways To Be Brilliant At The Basics

Cookwork Perspective: 9 basic areas for you to be focusing on to have a successful business.  How many of these are you doing? Fundamentals: 9 ways to be brilliant at the new basics You can’t build a pyramid from the top down. A house without a strong foundation will not stand. And a business without fundamentals firmly entrenched and dutifully executed can wither and shrink as small as the period that ends this sentence. There...



Why Going Green Can Mean Big Money For Fast-Food Chains

Cookwork Perspective: Going green can have a ripple effect:  less packaging to buy, less waste, lower garbage removal costs and an increase in customer loyalty. Why Going Green Can Mean Big Money for Fast-Food Chains In late 2008, a fast-food burger restaurant in Sweden received an odd complaint letter. It was from a mother of two, asking the chain to get rid of the boxes that its kids' meals were packaged in. Her children only...



Taking Local To The Next Level

Cookwork Perspective: As food is more globally sourced, more people are interested in finding out exactly where their food comes from?  Where do you get your ingredients? Taking Local to the Next Level If customers at Rex 1516 in Philadelphia are curious about where their produce comes from, they need only step into the restaurant’s backyard. Executive chef Regis Jansen planted a garden in the back and filled it with seeds “to grow my own...



Grilled For A Minute: Scott Conant

Cookwork Perspective: We'll be featuring articles on a variety of chefs over the next few months.  Have one you think we should feature? Just let us know. GRILLED FOR A MINUTE: SCOTT CONANT Born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut, Scott Conant began taking cooking classes at age 11 and graduated from the CIA in 1992. After 15 years in top New York restaurants including San Domenico, Il Toscanaccio, L’Impero and Alto, he opened Scarpetta, the...



The Secret To Perfect Pork Crackling

Cookwork Perspective: A view from one of Australia's top cooking magazine into how to make crispy pork cracking.  Another example of how to highlight texture in a way that enhances flavor. The secret to perfect pork crackling There's a long list of words to describe food, from flavour basics such as sweet and sour to the textural creamy, crunchy and chewy of the eating spectrum. Few, however, are named and famed for a sound. Popcorn...



Maximize Your Annual Conference Experience

Cookwork Perspective: With the National Restaurant Show in May, There's no better time to start planning your strategy for how to get the most out of your trip. Maximize Your Annual Conference Experience For the last 10 years I have attended the same industry conference with the intentions of learning how to destroy the competition and grow my business with all the new knowledge I will be collecting as I sit through keynote speakers, breakout...



Vanilla crisis could force up price of ice cream

Cookwork Perspective: This year's bad vanilla crop is a good example of how weather in a country far away from where you live can still impact your bottom line.  Expect higher than normal prices for this commodity this year as low crop yields take their toll. Vanilla crisis could force up price of ice cream The price of ice cream could be forced up this summer by 10 per cent after a crisis in the...


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