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Liquid Nitrogen-The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Chefs and chemists have been using liquid nitrogen for decades to wow audiences (in restaurant or classroom). In the early years of the 20th Century, it was used to make near-instant ice cream. But now it might be used to alter a fruit, vegetable, fat, dairy product or protein. It’s been a favorite tool of innovative and provocative chefs around the world: Ferran Adria, Jose Andres, Heston Blumenthal, Homaro Cantu and Grant Achatz. But it’s...



High-end Chefs Going Vegan

Aldo Zilli, Italian-born celebrity chef, has by no means restricted his cuisine to strict vegetarian fare. His three London establishments, Zilli Fish, Zilli Bar, and Zilli Café, all include seafood and meat on the menu—yet his newest establishment, Zilli Green, features vegetarian food exclusively. Zilli is riding the wave of a recent culinary trend: like many other high-end and celebrity chefs, he is offering vegetarian options to non-vegetarian diners.   The reason is simple: green...



Global Rising Star Chefs

It’s halfway into 2010, and culinary industry reports are out across the world – best young chefs and top rising chefs have all been named. With top 5 lists, top 10 lists, and a few straightforward “best of” lists, each publication has its own take on who’s paving the path for a brand new food world.   We’ve filtered through the lists to give you a sneak-peak at some of the most buzz-worthy candidates. Timothy Hollingsworth...



Lessons From the # 1 restaurant in the World

  Before chef René Redzepi opened Noma in Copenhagen in 2003, fellow chefs in Denmark teased him about his Nordic-cuisine concept and dubbed the restaurant "The Stinky Whale," Mr. Redzepi says. Now it's the 32-year-old chef's turn to laugh: In April, Noma was named "best restaurant in the world" on Restaurant magazine's influential list, bumping four-time winner El Bulli out of the top slot. The 40-seat restaurant now receives 100,000 reservation requests a month for...



The Science Behind Umami

As far as the cook is concerned, there are two forms of umami, "basic" and "synergizing." Many foods have both, in particular such high-protein foods as meat, milk, mushrooms and seafood. Basic umami comes from amino acids, particularly glutamic acid, explains food expert David Kasabian, but it must be in the "free" form (the type found in plant or animal tissues) to provide its characteristic taste. In general, the more mature a food, the higher...



The Stove as a Steppingstone

  Donatella cooks! The exclamation point is my own, but what comes before it is cribbed: it’s the title of a forthcoming cookbook by the restaurateur Donatella Arpaia, who hasn’t, to this point, been known for her knife skills. But if a person in today’s burgeoning world of food entertainment wants to maximize his or her exposure and make his or her brand as flexible and profitable as possible, some recipes and quality stove time...


Whiffies Pies Portland Oregon, Vendr.Tv

Follow the Header to watch this video.... We thought we might feature some more video from Dan Delaney: One of my favorite late night spots in Portland, OR is Whiffies. A mobile fried pie spot in the SE 12th and Hawthorne food cart pod. The owner, Gregg Abbott, dishes out flakey sweet and savory pies with flavors ranging from cherry cobbler to pulled pork. Each pie is hand made that day and fried fresh to...



Give your Guests Good Diet Information

Cookwork's Perspective The 15 Worst Health & Diet Myths “I don’t know what to order,” my friend told me over lunch recently. We were sitting in a great new Italian restaurant near my office.

“I know,” I replied, scanning the menu. “Everything looks terrific!”

“Yeah, but everything is bad for you!” she exclaimed, practically in tears. “I’m passing on the veal—red meat causes cancer. And the eggplant parmesan—cheese has fat, which gives you high cholesterol. And the...


Halal-er!Street Food Plated!

Welcome to another episode of with Dan Delaney and his discoveries of Street Food and Hungry Nation. Please FOLLOW THE HEADLINE TO SEE THIS VIDEO. Watch



Ten tips on operating a family restaurant

(PD Photo) (EXAMINER.COM) Bringing family together to break bread is one of the highlights of any gathering. However, bringing family together to toast bread, wrap sandwiches, wash dishes, cook meal after meal after meal, listen to customer complaints and cover payroll, utilities and taxes can tear a family apart faster than a slice of whole wheat can be divided in two.    READ FULL ARTICLE.


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