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What's in a name? High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Cookwork's Perspective The FDA will be making a decision on renaming the high fructose corn syrup. Is this a sign of bad publicity? Has the onslaught of media coverage about obesity being linked to corn syrup caused this request? Chef, what do you think? Corn Sweetener Desires a More Palatable Name With big food brands souring on high fructose corn syrup, the nation's corn-refining giants are seeking federal clearance to change the name of one...



The National Peanut Board: Innovative Ingredients

Cookwork's Perspective Defining new & innovative flavor profiles can be demanding on a chef. Versatility, cost effective and readily available help us define the longevity of those choices. Peanuts have always been a versatile product from African to Asian flavor profiles while delicate enough to balance a great dessert. The National Peanut Board brings you the latest in "Innovative Ingredients." Please let us know how you use peanuts on your menu? What questions would you...



36 Hours in Chicago

Cookwork Perspective Chicago is our home town and we love it.  We had to share what the NY Times found interesting here.  Check out the Girl and the Goat chef Stephanie Izard's interview with us as well. ALL cities have their ups and downs, but Chicago has been on the rise by playing to its strengths, adding parks, architectural crowd pleasers and public art. Much of this has happened on the watch of Mayor Richard...



Wisconsin...the new home for Cheese!

Cookwork's Perspective For years chefs have been marveling at the efforts of European cheese makers, California cheese makers have paved the way for American superiority in the cheese industry. Chefs have always worked to balance the flavors of cheese to both food and beverage on the menus. Join us in learning more about balancing your flavor profiles with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. Few foods are more luxurious than an expertly crafted piece of cheese....



Jump Start Your Food Service Education

  The National Peanut Board (NPB) has awarded the Santee Education Complex - School of Business its Energizing for Great Causes award.  Aligned with the National Restaurant Association's ProStart® program, and part of the California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, Santee gives high school students a jump start on the practical education necessary to succeed in the restaurant and hospitality industries.   Los Angeles-based Santee is the second organization to receive the honor, which is given...



"Freshly Baked" Swings Trend on Old Favorites

Cookwork's Perspective Everyone loves a trend that takes something familiar and reinvents it with a modern twist. It makes us feel cozy in the comfort of what is traditional, but at the same time ahead of the game in what is modern and hip. And so it goes in the food industry, where the trend of retrofitting old-fashioned desserts remains strong.   "Freshly Baked" Just this past summer, The Food Channel listed “Freshly Baked” desserts...



Pies: Sweet, Tart, and Full of Profit

  Well, it’s official. Desserts are in.   Sure, pastries, cakes, and candies have been an integral part of the food industry since its inception, but in recent years, the popularity of desserts has increased to immense proportions. Thanks to recent trends such as the popularity of the cupcake, the mini dessert, and the dessert truck, restaurateurs and executive chefs have opened their hearts—and their kitchens—to the typically underestimated pastry.   The economy has undoubtedly...



You got to eat it to save it!

Cookwork's Perspective In the words of Poppy Tooker, food activist, "You have to eat it to save it!" She promotes the ideas of food preservation by encouraging product popularity. Her campaign to save gulf seafood has been an uphill battle with the recent Gulf disaster. However in this article, we discover that investors have discovered a strategy to eat their problem. Illinois investors, Chef Parola want to tackle Asian carp invasion If you can’t beat...



25 things chefs never tell you

Do restaurants recycle the bread basket? Are most of us bad tippers? Food Network Magazine surveyed chefs across the country — anonymously — to find out everything we’ve always wanted to know. Chefs are pickier than you think.Liver, sea urchin, tofu, eggplant, and oysters, of all things, topped the list of foods chefs hate most. Only 15% of chefs surveyed said they’d eat absolutely anything. Still, chefs hate picky eaters. More than 60% said requests...



Preparing You for the Holidays!

Cookwork's Perspective During the month of October we will be featuring helpful hints and suggestions from our members and the web on "how to cope with this years upcoming holiday season?" It is important to all foodservice professionals to find the appropriate behavior to manage yourself and others.This month will be a great opportunity for you to add your comments and suggestions for all members to share. We hope that you will embrace the true...


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