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Some Articles Worth Sharing

I recently went on a cleaning binge that led me to start reading all the food related articles friends have given me over the past few months. Some of them were quick, disposable reads but others included information that I have to share. In December of 2011, the New York Times Book Review included a list of cookbooks, mostly written by chefs, that focused on home cooking. The article was long, the list is too...



Whole Foods Seafood Ban: Unsustainable Fish No Longer Sold

Cookwork Perspective: Whole Foods Market, a retailer known for organic and sustainable food items has chosen not to sell unsustainable fish.  How are you choosing to be more "eco-friendly?" Whole Foods Seafood Ban: Unsustainable Fish No Longer Sold As Of Earth Day 2012, the organic and natural food superstore Whole Foods no longer carries fish considered unsustainable. In a post on its company blog, Whole Foods explained that its decision to eliminate "red-rated" seafood --...



Seeds Of Discontent

Cookwork Perspective: The debate over Genetically Modified Foods continues.  This is especially challenging for farmers who are trying to grow organic crops in the face of big agri-business. SEEDS OF DISCONTENT Do you know where your dinner comes from—really comes from? These days, buying your corn or kale at the farmers’ market is no guarantee against the creep of Big Agriculture. More and more seeds sold to farms in the United States come from huge...



Test Kitchen Tips: Quinoa 101

Cookwork Perspective: Quinoa has so much going for it.  It's nutritious, an ancient grain and very on-trend.  Here are some tips for how to cook with it so you can if it's right for your menu. Test Kitchen tips: Quinoa 101 Quinoa is a South American grain-like crop that is increasingly becoming popular in North American cuisine. While the leaves of quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) plant can be cooked as a potherb, the seeds, or "grains"...



Who's Rocking To The Music? That's The Chef.

Cookwork Perspective: Music can keep a kitchen in sync.  See how it inspires some New York chefs. Who’s Rocking to the Music? That’s the Chef THINGS can get frantic at Recette. It’s one of those tiny West Village spots where the kitchen and the dining room rub up against each other like passengers in a packed subway car. But even in the pandemonium of a dinner rush, even with orders and questions pouring in from...



From Pasta Sauce To Burger Meat, 10 Unexpected Ways To Use Miso

Cookwork Perspective: For most of the world miso is a base for soup and may be used in other traditional Asian dishes.  See how versatile this ingredient can be. From Pasta Sauce to Burger Meat, 10 Unexpected Ways to Use Miso Umami-packed miso is good for more than just soup. Mix a little into ground beef for a savory burger, or whisk into a cobbler topping for an unexpected kick. (Try it!) In our May...



How 5 Minutes A Day Can Change The Way You Train Your Workers

Cookwork Perspective: Do you have a formal training plan in place for your employees?  See how to do this in an effective and painless way. How 5 minutes a day can change the way you train your workers Foodservice professionals from across the country gathered in Washington, D.C., this week for the Food Safety Summit, a three-day event packed with exhibitors, information sessions and workshops focused on minimizing risk and increasing traceability and smart food...



A Comfy Chair? A Little Quiet? Your Own Table? Sorry, Ma'am, We're All Out

Cookwork Perspective: Restaurant design has changed to appeal to a younger demographic.  Are you following this trend?  Do you care if this doesn't work for your older customers? A Comfy Chair? A Little Quiet? Your Own Table? Sorry, Ma’am, We’re All Out Can restaurant design be discriminatory? I began my review of Alison Eighteen this week with a litany of restaurant trends that have engulfed New York over the past decade: no-reservations policies, uncomfortable and...



The New Barbecue: Where There's Smoke, There's Fish Sauce, Olives and Whole Heads of Cauliflower

Cookwork Perspective: Barbecue has always been popular in the U.S. but now chefs are looking at how to move beyond the traditional into new areas? See how smoke can impact your menu. The new barbecue: Where there’s smoke, there’s fish sauce, olives and whole heads of cauliflower It was hard to know exactly what to call the culinary style of the stuff on my plate during a recent dinner at New York’s Fatty ’Cue. Buttermilk...



Kale Takes The Spotlight as Foodies Hail Its Health Benefits

Cookwork Perspective: Kale is the latest in a line of healthy products that's finally earning a place on the plate.  Read on to learn more about its benefits. Kale takes the spotlight as foodies hail its health benefits After years of being relegated through the purgatory of forgotten foods, kale has found itself in the spotlight for the first time in decades and is ready to prove it belongs there permanently. A crop of the...


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