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Featured Food: Endive

Cookwork Perspective: There are many varieties of endive and countless ways to use these greens.  Learn more about them, how to use and store them here. Enliven your table with endive Is it pronounced “n-dive” or “ahn-deev”? Well, either is correct, but I say “n-dive”. Endive is actually a common name for a cousin of chicory; they are both from the Cichorium botanical family, according to “The New Food Lover’s Companion” by Sharon Tyler Herbst...



Less-Fuss Paella Arrives in Time for Summer

Cookwork Perspective: Paella can be a simple but interesting addition to a summer menu.  Do you streamline cooking to make this a faster dish to serve? Less-Fuss Paella Arrives in Time for Summer PAELLA, the classic rice dish from Spain, is considered picnic food — a one-dish meal prepared over a fire at an outdoor party like our hamburger cookout. It is also cooked indoors, but always in a flat steel paellera or in an...



Adult Milkshakes Anything But Plain Vanilla

Cookwork Perspective: Adding a bit of alcohol to ice cream based drinks can bump up the flavor and make them more appealing to your adult customers.  Adult milkshakes anything but plain vanilla Smooth, sweet, cold and just the ticket for contracting a case of brain freeze on a sweltering summer day. There's a reason milkshakes are a staple of American childhood. But why should the kids have all the fun? Sure, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla...



Grilled For A Minute: John Besh

Cookwork Perspective: John Best started his career in his native Louisiana and now has 9 restaurants to his name. Grilled For A Minute: John Besh John Besh is a chef and native son dedicated to the culinary riches of Southern Louisiana. At each of his nine restaurants (August, Besh Steak, Lüke, Lüke San Antonio, La Provence, American Sector, Soda Shop, Domenica, and Borgne), he celebrates the bounty and traditions of the region. He opened his...



Customer Service: How to handle difficult customers

Cookwork Perspective: Every business has them.  Businesses that sell food seem to attract them.  Setting boundaries is just one way to keep difficult customers in line. Customer Service: How to Handle Pushy Customers Don't let your company get backed into a corner by a cascade of demands. Here's how to strike a deal that satisfies everyone. I watched this interchange at a friend's house between a mom and a 4-year-old child: "Sweetie, it's not time...



Butter vs. Margarine: Which Is Better For You (And For Baking)?

Cookwork Perspective: Which is better for you?  Butter with cholesterol and saturated fat or margarine with hydrogenated oils and trans fat?  There are pros and cons for each. Butter vs. Margarine: Which Is Better For You (And For Baking)? The debate as to which is better for you, butter or margarine, has been going on for years -- and it's one that probably won't end any time soon. One side prefers the taste of butter...



Kitchen Innovations winners tout energy savings

Cookwork Perspective: Energy savings has become the point of entry for new kitchen equipment.  See what was considered the best of the best at this year's NRA show. Kitchen Innovations winners tout energy savings The National Restaurant Association's 2012 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award winners were named by an independent panel of judges comprised of internationally recognized food facilities consultants, multi-unit executives and design experts. Award recipients were showcased in the interactive Kitchen Innovations Pavilion on...



Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas with Peanut Brittle

Cookwork Perspective: Recipes like this one always raise the question:  "How can I make something so mundane special and uniquely mine?"  What would you do to the lowly banana? FROZEN CHOCOLATE-DIPPED BANANAS WITH PEANUT BRITTLE When frozen, bananas become so creamy they can almost pass for sorbet or even ice cream. Coat them with chocolate and sprinkle them with homemade peanut brittle—there will be plenty left over for snacking—and you’ve got a refreshingly cold treat...



Stevie's Parle's Hot and Cold Soups

Cookwork Perspective: Think soups are boring?  Think again.  Here are some recipes that will change your mind. Stevie's Parle's hot and cold soups Banish thoughts of the bland and try these hot and cold soups: stirring stuff for a warm day or a cool evening. I often wonder why we have to put up with the same old soups: carrot and coriander, pea and ham – no thanks. And why serve them only in winter?...



When Chefs Travel

This year I’m heading to Israel and Cyprus for vacation.   While I have visions of Haloumi and Middle Eastern delicacies dancing in my head, my travel companions have already started lobbying for less time in restaurants and more time in museums.   Working in a restaurant means long hours over a stove.    For me, this means that my time off serves a few functions.  It helps me to relax.  It helps me to clear my head. ...


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