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7 Business Lessons From Lady Gaga and Madonna

Cookwork Perspective: Madonna and Lady Gaga are nothing if not media and marketing driven.  How do you manage your brand?  Do you leverage opportunities well?

7 Business Lessons From Lady Gaga and Madonna

Two iconic female performers—Madonna and Lady Gaga—are hitting the road for tours this summer and fall. Madonna is the bestselling female recording artist of all time, and Gaga is close behind. As these two set out to rake in mega-millions of dollars, what can small business owners learn from them? These seven lessons prove invaluable for any business.

Start small. Carefully cultivated, a niche customer base can grow into something big. Both Gaga and Madonna started out performing in gay clubs, garnering the early support from the gay and dance music community. Then they used that foundation as a springboard to mainstream acceptance by reaching out to an influential teenage market.


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