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Top 10 annoyingly stubborn nutrition myths debunked

Cookwork Perspective: Nutritional guidelines seem to enter into the category of "generally accepted wisdom" without being challenged.  See how some widely held beliefs are challenged.

Top 10 annoyingly stubborn nutrition myths debunked

It’s easy to believe something so many people constantly proclaim is true — especially when most of us aren’t experts who would know otherwise. Considering the overwhelming amount of misinformation floating around about healthy eating, we don’t blame you if you’ve been fooled by one, two or maybe several of these nutrition myths that can’t seem to die.

1. Superfoods are better than other healthy foods. Americans are suckers for magical solutions — whether they be in the form of pharmaceuticals, fad diets, medical procedures or even foods. And the people marketing your food are well aware of that, which is probably how the term “superfood” came into existence.


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