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Offal Tale: For This Club, Everything Is on the Menu

Cookwork Perspective:  Offal is big this year and seems to be getting bigger.  Are you jumping on the "everything but the squeak" bandwagon?

Offal Tale: For This Club, Everything Is on the Menu

You'll never be a member of the Innard Circle if the likes of brains in black butter, Uzbek boiled spleen or Fujianese pig heart make you squirm.

Since 1999, an intrepid band of New York City foodies has been meeting about once a month to indulge their penchant for "nose to tail eating" in a city that provides great opportunity to do so. The city's thousands of ethnic restaurants are constantly refreshed by new waves of immigrants, many of whose cultures serve animal parts that most Americans wouldn't touch with a 10-foot fork.

For the organ-lovers though, what really gets their goat—or pig or sheep or rabbit—is when a restaurant is out of a delicacy they traveled across town to sample.


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