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Summer in the Kitchen

There is nothing like summer in a kitchen, especially summer in the kitchen of a small restaurant.  The produce is so fresh and bountiful and the temperatures are so high.

I love summer because of how many fresh items are available to me from blueberries to ramps to soft-shell crabs.  It’s a time when I feel I can be creative without boundaries.  The days are longer, my customers seem more relaxed and I can open up the patio for dining al fresco.  

It’s also the time when I have to take extra care of my staff.  We try to keep the kitchen as cool as possible but, as you know, it can’t be too cool or we wouldn’t be able to keep the hot food hot.  I make sure that my staff stays hydrated and that they get the breaks they need.

How do you feel about summer?  Is it a great time for you creatively and professionally or do you yearn for cool fall days?  Let me know.



Chef CWK

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