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Apéritif Cocktails

Cookwork Perspective: Lower alcohol aperitifs are growing in popularity in the US.  Now they are beginning to appear in mixed drinks on menus.

Apéritif Cocktails

Forget about big, boozy cocktails. Increasingly, you’ll find apéritifs in the glass. Consumers are seeking out easy-drinking cocktails with less alcohol (and yes, fewer calories). Coincidentally, a flurry of delightful spirits with relatively gentler proofs is reaching U.S. markets.

Mixologists are responding to this perfect storm of supply and demand by creating delectable new creations, and even reinventing drink menus to showcase lower-alcohol libations. The following three restaurants/bars focus on apéritif cocktails for very different reasons.

At OAK at fourteenth in Boulder, Colorado, Co-owner and Beverage Director Bryan Dayton drew inspiration from time he spent in Europe, where the apéritif (or the Italian equivalent, aperitivo) has its roots.


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