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Customer Service: How to handle difficult customers

Cookwork Perspective: Every business has them.  Businesses that sell food seem to attract them.  Setting boundaries is just one way to keep difficult customers in line.

Customer Service: How to Handle Pushy Customers

Don't let your company get backed into a corner by a cascade of demands. Here's how to strike a deal that satisfies everyone.

I watched this interchange at a friend's house between a mom and a 4-year-old child:

"Sweetie, it's not time for cookies. "Sweetie, leave the cookie jar alone. "Sweetie, I mean it, I don't want you eating a cookie right now. "Sweetie, please put that cookie back. "Sweetie, don't take a bite of that cookie, or mommy is going to be cross. "Ok sweetie, just that one, but no more ..."

I'm no child specialist–but I think almost everyone can agree that this is not a successful way to change behaviors in our children. Common sense tells us that in raising your children and creating effective relationships, you need to:


franco pantangco

franco pantangco
Jun 18, 2012 01:17 CDT

Great Stuff!


Jenny Dalan

Jenny Dalan
Jun 12, 2012 21:19 CDT

It's really hard to handle diffucult customers. You should be patient. As what the sayings said "Customers is always right". 

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