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Some Articles Worth Sharing

I recently went on a cleaning binge that led me to start reading all the food related articles friends have given me over the past few months. Some of them were quick, disposable reads but others included information that I have to share.

In December of 2011, the New York Times Book Review included a list of cookbooks, mostly written by chefs, that focused on home cooking. The article was long, the list is too extensive to reprint here but I can share the link. This is definitely worth a look.

Another year end listing is the Chicago Tribune’s “holiday haul”. It’s their list of the best cookbooks of 2011. I like looking through these lists because I know they are what my customers have been reading.

On a different note, New York Magazine recently ran an article on the trend of using “crack” in menu names (Crack Pie, Salted Crack Caramel Ice Cream…). The magazine then went on to taste all of these items to see if they were worthy of being compared to a highly addictive form of cocaine. Interesting reading and an entertaining rating scale.


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