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Seeds Of Discontent

Cookwork Perspective: The debate over Genetically Modified Foods continues.  This is especially challenging for farmers who are trying to grow organic crops in the face of big agri-business.


Do you know where your dinner comes from—really comes from? These days, buying your corn or kale at the farmers’ market is no guarantee against the creep of Big Agriculture. More and more seeds sold to farms in the United States come from huge companies like Monsanto, made famous by the 2008 Robert Kenner documentary, Food, Inc., for its dominant role in American agriculture. And at the core of the controversy surrounding Monsanto and other “Big Ag” companies is their role in the spread of genetically modified food products. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are strains of vegetables and grains that have been altered by genetic engineering, meaning that specific genes, and the traits they carry, are transferred from one organism to another. These transferred traits are intended to make for stronger, more resilient plants—for example, Monsanto has engineered seeds that are resistant to its own potent weed killer, Roundup.



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