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A Comfy Chair? A Little Quiet? Your Own Table? Sorry, Ma'am, We're All Out

Cookwork Perspective: Restaurant design has changed to appeal to a younger demographic.  Are you following this trend?  Do you care if this doesn't work for your older customers?

A Comfy Chair? A Little Quiet? Your Own Table? Sorry, Ma’am, We’re All Out

Can restaurant design be discriminatory?

I began my review of Alison Eighteen this week with a litany of restaurant trends that have engulfed New York over the past decade: no-reservations policies, uncomfortable and often backless seats, communal tables, and blaring music that forces everybody to shout. I might have added dim lighting.

What all these things have in common, it seemed to me, is that they appeal to younger diners. Not coincidentally, they make restaurants less appealing to those older diners whose eyes and ears and joints aren’t what they used to be. Which makes you wonder: Do restaurants do these things on purpose to keep older customers away?



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