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9 Ways To Be Brilliant At The Basics

Cookwork Perspective: 9 basic areas for you to be focusing on to have a successful business.  How many of these are you doing?

Fundamentals: 9 ways to be brilliant at the new basics

You can’t build a pyramid from the top down. A house without a strong foundation will not stand. And a business without fundamentals firmly entrenched and dutifully executed can wither and shrink as small as the period that ends this sentence. There are nine essential building blocks of successful foodservice companies in the second decade of the 21st century:

Focus. When companies start strong and stay strong, it’s because they focused on the right things. (Being focused on the wrong things can be more detrimental than having no focus at all.) Focus is not just “clarity,” it’s about inspiring a shared vision. Focus is not just knowing the destination, it’s following the roadmap. Focus is not just “wanting to win,” it’s the willingness to prepare to win. Focus is not just being committed, it means being disciplined. What do the best foodservice operators focus first on? The things they can control. Not the things they can’t. Make the things that won’t change in your company — Quality, People, Culture, Training — ever stronger, ever better.



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