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Spring is Here

Spring has started with a bang this year.  It seems hard to believe that the cherry trees by my house have already bloomed, as have many other fruit trees.  While spring may have some men thinking thoughts of love, it has me thinking thoughts of ramps, asparagus and artichokes.

Now is the time when I dust off my menu and start doing more experimenting.  There’s something about having more daylight and more access to produce that makes me want to try new things.

Top of my list for this year is morels.  I love the flavor whether they are fresh or dried.  I’ve been experimenting with mushroom and Parmesan chips on my salads.  I also use these as a garnish on soups.  I have been grinding dried wild mushrooms and adding them into a number of dishes on my menu to bring out the richness and background flavor without adding fat, calories or salt.

Let me know what you’re doing to bring in the season.   

Chef CWK

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