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Maximize Your Annual Conference Experience

Cookwork Perspective: With the National Restaurant Show in May, There's no better time to start planning your strategy for how to get the most out of your trip.

created on: 04/14/12Maximize Your Annual Conference Experience

For the last 10 years I have attended the same industry conference with the intentions of learning how to destroy the competition and grow my business with all the new knowledge I will be collecting as I sit through keynote speakers, breakout sessions and lectures. I have the best of intentions and a positive attitude, but why is it that I never seem to find that magic bean that will sprout into the business building answer I was seeking?

Is it because the conference is held in Las Vegas and it appears many attendees come for the entertainment and are more interested in the road trip? Or is there something embedded in the human psyche that yearns to find simple solutions to complex issues with as little resistance as possible that keeps us coming back year after year? I think both of these are plausible explanations as to why we pack up our suitcases and make the annual trek. Whatever the reason, we need to be as productive as possible at these types of conferences to justify their existence and get the most ROI.



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