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6 More Reasons to “Heart” PEI Mussels

 Mussels, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

Chefs love putting PEI Mussels on the menu. They are a delicious and versatile food, available fresh all year round and, like all shellfish, have a high-perceived value. Not to mention the fact that fresh mussels are also packed with important nutrients and health benefits, too! This makes mussels perfect for the health conscious restaurant patron in pursuit of nutritional value —as well as taste. In fact, consumers’ interest in healthy eating has been steadily increasing and health and nutrition has been noted as a top culinary trend for 2012. Here are 6 of our favorite reasons to include mussels on the menu.


1. High in protein, low in saturated fats and calories

PEI mussels are a lean protein making them a nutritional powerhouse, but unlike other protein-rich foods like pork or beef, they are very low in saturated fats. Mussels are low in cholesterol compared to other seafood – they have only about a third the amount of cholesterol that shrimp have. Mussels may be the perfect solution for restaurants who want to offer unique low calorie, or health conscious meal options. With only 90 calories per serving, mussels are an extremely good choice for heart-healthy diets. 

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2. Catch of the Day… Everyday

Serving fresh and delicious meals is important to every restaurateur, so product availability is always a concern. Fresh PEI Mussels are farmed year round off the Canadian East Coast, so product supply is never a concern. Not to mention that the cold North Atlantic waters help produce mussels of an impressive quality that is consistent regardless of the season. 


3. Strong plate margins

By adding PEI Mussels to your menu, you’re not only doing your customers a favour, but you’re also helping your bottom line. Mussels have an impressive plate value allowing you to offer an impressive seafood dish at a desirable price for both the restaurant and the customer!


4. Gluten-free

Yes, they are gluten-free. More restaurants are serving gluten-free meals as the demand for these foods has been growing exponentially, to support this a survey by the National Restaurant Association has identified gluten-free menu items as a top trend for 2012. 



 5.  Versatile 

There are so many ways to serve mussels: You can serve them on their own, or in salads, soups and pastas. Since mussels are light and low in calories, they make a perfect choice for appetizers and will leave plenty of room for an entrée. They are also a perfect dish for sharing – train your staff in the art of the upsell and how to recommend a dish of mussels as a starter to the meal. 

Mussels can be prepared in a variety of ways and go especially well with Italian, French, Thai, Chinese and even Indian menus. Because of their price point and versatility, fresh mussels are equally at home on a fine dining tasting menu or accompanying an after-work drink. As for beverages, mussels can easily be paired with wine, beer, and even champagne. 

Hot or cold, fresh or smoked, steamed, or roasted – there’s no doubt about it – the possibilities with mussels are endless.


6. A natural aphrodisiac 

Long revered for their “stimulating” powers, recent scientific evidence has found that mussels may in fact actually have aphrodisiac qualities. Studies have shown that shellfish have chemical compounds (D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate) that release the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. Though the question is still out on whether they have enough of these hormones to actually stimulate the human libido, most agree it doesn’t hurt to try. 

This Valentine’s day why not feature an aphrodisiac-laden menu featuring mussels. Start the meal with Mussels Cioppino or Mussels with Asparagus.


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