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A peek under the tent:  How you receive information on what’s happening in food.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how it is that you suddenly read about certain foods or certain restaurants while others go unnoticed?  Why is it that cupcakes were suddenly “hot” while traditional layer cakes languish?  Welcome to the world of food editorial and the role of public relations.

There are many ways for you to receive information on food – magazines, websites, blogs, radio programs, newspapers, to name a few.  Each of these outlets employs people who decide what will be featured.  They (or their staff) either write the articles  themselves or they hire people to write the articles for them.

On the other side of the fence are public relations companies.  These companies represent food companies, boards and associations, restaurants and other groups.  Their job is to get information about their clients into the hands of the food editors so that those editors will have an easier time finding topics to write about.

This is nothing new – it’s a system that is provides an easier way for companies to get their information out and for editors to find information that’s worth writing about.  The hope is that editors know enough
about food to have a good filter regarding what’s really newsworthy and what’s just hype.

An example of this type of event would a party that was recently sponsored by the Florida Department of Citrus.  The event included pairings of recipes that were developed by their chef with cocktails developed by a well-known mixologist.  All of the food and beverages served contained Florida citrus.  

There were representatives there from all of the major US foodservice publications as well as someone from Cookwork.  So what did we learn?  Drinking orange juice will produce a positive effect on the people who drink it.   It makes them feel happy and reminds them of happy times in their lives.  We also got recipes for some interesting uses for Orange Juice (see some of these at

So, be on the lookout for information on Orange Juice soon.   Want to read about things before even the editors can write about them?  Go to to search for topics that interest you.   Your friends and customers will be amazed by how current you are!

N.B.  If you can’t afford a PR rep for your restaurant, you can still act like one.  Find the names of the food editors or restaurant editors at your local paper or write to your favorite bloggers.  Let them know what you’re doing.  A few well-timed notices can get you some great free press.






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