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Cookwork Perspective: From toque to non-toque, from shirt to coats. Kitchen fashion has never been so trendy until today. From toque to coats to pants, there are already tons of varieties so your uniform will never be the same boring uniform again. What does your chef uniform look like?

Uniforms as Part of the Creative Mix

Carème and Escoffier are often credited with bringing  “traditional” chef’s uniforms to the kitchen. The jacket was double breasted to protect vital organs from sharp knives, the sleeves were long to protect arms from burns and the neck came up high to provide more insulation from the heat. A neckerchief also helped to insulate the wearer. Checked pants provided camouflage from stains.  The toque helped keep hair away from the food. This is still the standard in many restaurants and hotels but more and more, the standard is being relaxed. You don’t have to look hard to find Mario Batali in his signature orange crocs, Randy Zweiben from Nacional 27 can often be seen in his black chef’s jacket. Chefs across the country are shifting the standard for chef’s coats. Seems that there are more than a few reasons for this change.




It’s never been trendier to be a chef than it is now. With so many people attending cooking schools and trying to make a name for themselves in the business, it’s not surprising that uniforms have become part of the creative mix. 

Many restaurants are also trying to move away from expensive contracts with linen suppliers. The may buy uniforms for their staff or require them to provide their own. While clean, crisp whites are beautiful, they can be difficult to maintain. A little color can go a long way towards hiding stains.

Finally, non-traditional uniforms are fun and express individuality. Most chefs are in their uniforms for at least 10 hours a day, why not have something interesting to wear?  

Need to find a source for all kinds of uniforms? offers a wide range of traditional and more unusual uniforms at affordable prices to meet any chef’s needs.





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Nov 7, 2011 16:05 CST

Every morning, I pick out my chef coat based on how I'm feeling that day. Not everyone who wears a uniform can do that!


Oct 25, 2011 10:35 CDT

To me, being a chef is like being a surgeon or a mechanic -- each profession has a uniform.  The time express yourself through your clothes is when you're off work.  Having a unform means that you can focus all your creative energy on what you're making, not what you're wearing.

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