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New Fabrics Help Keep Chefs Cool

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Being a successful chef requires culinary skill, creativity, time management and the ability to function under difficult conditions.  Anyone who’s worked the line in the summer knows how hot it can get. 


 Fortunately, chefs can now find affordable uniforms that can help them stay cooler.


Traditionally, chef’s coats and pants have been made from cotton or cotton blends.  Cotton is great at absorbing moisture but it doesn’t dry quickly so once it’s wet, it stays damp and uncomfortable.  In order to make uniforms more comfortable, manufacturers started looking at how to adapt wicking fabrics that were originally developed for use in sports’ apparel. 




One company to take advantage of these fabrics is Happy Chef Uniforms.  Rather than just use existing fabrics, they took the technology a step further and developed CookCool Hydrophilic Microfiber and CookCool Mesh. They then used these innovations to augment traditional cotton-based fabric with passive-breathing vents that allow their cooks’ uniforms to exchange hot air with cool external air, which helps to lower body temperatures progressively throughout the day.


"We know kitchens get unbearably hot, so we designed CookCool apparel to keep chefs cooler in any heat," said David Barr, Vice President of Sales at The Happy Chef, Inc.  These chefs uniforms are also available in a variety of designs and patterns so that form doesn’t have to be sacrificed for function.

So, now if the heat is too hot, you don’t have to get out of the kitchen, you just have to change the kind of uniform you’re wearing.


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