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Strawberry Onions?

Cookwork Perspective:  Strawberry Onions?  These aren't a new crossing of strawberries and onions, they're Savannah Sweet hybrids -- the onions many strawberry farmers grow to supplement their crops.  Similar to Vidalias but with less marketing, they are a more unique item to call out on your menu.

Oft-ignored strawberry onions are a local, flavorful find

created on: 03/04/11Drive along the back roads of Hillsborough County this time of year and you'll see thousands of acres of strawberry farms. From the air, the seemingly endless rows of berry plants look like parallel lines on green corduroy pants.

Along the outer edges of most fields, there looks to be a border of fringe, as if the fields have long, pencil-thin moustaches desperately in need of a trim.

The green tops sprouting a foot or so above the squat berry plants are a sign that this year's strawberry onion crop is just about ready for picking.

Unlike their namesake fruit, there is no festival for the strawberry onion. No one looks forward to making Strawberry Onion Shortcake. No one dips strawberry onions in chocolate for a romantic dessert. The next person who makes a creamy, frosty strawberry onion milkshake will be the first to do so.  Read more...


Source: Tampa Bay Online

Photo: Peggy Parke holds a strawberry and onion that they grow at Parkesdale farms.


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