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The Importance of Knife Skills

Cookwork's Perspectivecreated on: 02/28/11

The single most important skill any chef can have is knife skills.  These are fundamental to being a good chef.  Making sure your staff understands how to use these tools can be critical to your operation's success.


How to Become a Better Cook? Learn to Use Your Knives.

It's one fluid, relaxed motion. A smooth movement of the arm—the whole arm—knuckles facing up, in a grip that doesn't have to be tight to be efficient. The blade becomes extension of that arm; the handle melds with the palm of the hand. Chop, dice, slice. Or just cut. Knife skills are the key to being a good cook.

Whether in a home or a restaurant kitchen, knowing which knife to pick for what task (a paring knife and a 10-inch chef's knife are not as interchangeable as some might think) and how to handle that knife lead to precision, focus, ease, speed, and pleasure. An ever-greater number of cooks realize that, making the Institute of Culinary Education's Knife Skills 1 one of its most popular classes. In three hours, close to 1500 students each year learn how to select and hold a knife, how to cut produce such as onions, celery stalks, carrots, grapefruits, and lemons, and how to take care of their most essential tool. Read more...


Source: The Institute of Culinary Education

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