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Top 10 List: "Chef" Movies

One of the core values of Cookwork is that the members will influence our news content.  We use our Forums Section to create an area where our members can discuss everything from cooking, time-off, or sourcing great ingredients.  We encourage you to get involved.

One of our most active forums "What is your favorite "Chef" movie!" has attracted over 6,165 views and over 165 chefs comments participating globally. 

We wanted to thank all of our chef members participating and give them the results of this forum to date.

Here is your Top Ten "Chef" Movies (as decided by our members)

created on: 02/10/11   #10    Waiting (2005)
created on: 02/10/11   #9    Dinner Rush (2000)
created on: 02/10/11   #8    Babette's Feast (1987) ties for 6th overall
created on: 02/10/11   #7    Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) ties for 6th overall
created on: 02/10/11   #6    Big Night (1996) ties for 6th overall
created on: 02/10/11   #5     Like Water for Chocolate, "Como Agua Para Chocolate" (1992) ties for 4th
created on: 02/10/11   #4    Chocolat (2000) ties for 4th
created on: 02/10/11   #3    Julie & Julia (2008)
created on: 02/10/11   #2     No Reservations (2007)

The Number One "Chef" Movie (as voted by our members)


created on: 02/10/11   #1     Ratatouille (2004)

Honorable mentions:
Ramen Girl (2008), Waitress (2007), Spanglish (2004) and Tampopo (1987)

Chef(UK), Faulty Towers (UK), Kitchen Confidential (USA)

Armed Forces Special Mentions
Under Siege (1992)… with Steven Segal (Thanks guys for everything you do!)

Thanks to all of our members for your help and keep up the great work! You never know which forum could be next? So please get involved today!

Results: Cookwork Forums

All results we compiled by viewers recommendations in this discussion. No official analytics were used in this tally.

Source: Movie Thumbs, The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Chef Nathan Sanford

Chef Nathan Sanford
Jun 29, 2012 06:50 CDT
Love the armed forces mention!


Mar 8, 2011 11:31 CST

Outstanding!! I found this post very interesting. Not only does it show the variety of movies that have been made with food as their premise, but the varied opinions and personalities that are derived from our membership base.

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