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Meet The Culinary Spies: Michelin Inspectors

created on: 01/02/11Cookwork's Perspective

Finally, you have your own restaurant. We know how hard you've worked in putting up everything: from the color of your table napkin to the range and variety of your menu. And then, a diner will walk into your restaurant, have a glance at it, take a table for one, eat quietly, and leave. After a couple of hours, you will just receive a news that a Michelin inspector just ate at your restaurant.

Any inspectors, especially Michelin inspectors, won't let you know that they will criticize your restaurant. They will not let you know that no matter how hard you work, it is still not enough for your dream Michelin star. Read on to see how you can get that most coveted Michelin star.

Michelin Inspectors: Food Industry Spies

The super secret spies of the restaurant industry, Michelin inspectors are the anonymous, incorruptible keepers of the coveted Michelin star rating. They've been writing anonymous reports of restaurants for over 100 years.

"We say it's a little like the CIA," said inspector "M," with a laugh. She asked that her identity not be revealed. "My whole life is staying under the radar, staying away from cameras, using fake names, trying to sneak in and out of restaurants unnoticed."  Read more...

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created on: 01/19/11   Michelin Guide 2011: women chefs recognised

Source: ABC News

Photo: Nicholas Rebo's photos (Picasa)


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