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Reality Bites: A Snowballs Chance in Hell!

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created on: 12/06/10If something seems too good to be true, well…then it probably is a duck!  Competitions, contests, and even reality shows promote the idea of large, fantastic prizes to optimize the value of each opportunity.  This will ensure that viewership remains high. That is where the money is in any competition, the audience.  This is why "texting votes" to participate in your favorite 'dancing competition" is so popular, because it drives revenue.  See this story about the conclusion of the latest installment from Hell's Kitchen.

What if there was a global competition where you could participate and engage from your own home? Would you be interested?

Hell’s Kitchen: A Hell of an Embarrassment

Holli Ugalde isn’t standing alone in Purgatory. Other Hell’s Kitchen winners have gotten the short end of the stick instead of the high-profiled prize they thought they had won.

Last Friday, we posted an article on Hell’s Kitchen’s lack of follow through on the prize they publicly committed to for season 7: Executive Chef of The Savoy in London. Ramsay submitted a statement stating that Holli Ugalde’s visa had been rejected. But Ramsay and show producers have not been forthcoming with the reason for the rejection of Ugalde’s alleged visa application submission (when submitting an application for a visa, the person the visa is for has to sign the paper work themselves. Ugalde claims she never received any visa documents.) Read more...


Source: Foodie Gossip/ Blogspot

Photo Source: Chef Holli Ugalde (Facebook)


Dec 30, 2010 00:05 CST

I will be the first to shoot a comment about this show, and it is strictly my opinion.

I find "reality" tv so far from reality, that I do not even bother watching. But, what I have seen of the trailers, blogs and brief (and painful) moments on the television. What is my opinion?.......... I know that this type of behavior from Chef Ramsey towards the individuals in this contest would end up the chef in civil court here in California. Yelling, name calling, cursing, etc in todays restaurants is not accepted. There is a post here in Cookworks directly addressing this type of behavior.

I think that the viewers take away from this show that in order to be a successful chef, you have to behave like an arrogant ass. I for one, do not feel that I need to live up to this expectation.

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