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Hong Kong Michelin Stars

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created on: 03/23/10The world is a big place, but it would seem that the trends that affect food and the 'changing times' are all reflected in the Michelin Stars and the eateries that now command them. What does this say about our world?

Gourmet Michelin stars for humble Hong Kong street eats

Cheap noodle shacks and a famous shark's fin restaurant were among a diverse range of Hong Kong eateries given coveted Michelin stars on Thursday in the third edition of the guide for the southern Chinese city.

Hong Kong's renown as a food paradise, with its melting pot of international and Chinese cuisines -- from humble "daipaidong" style street fare to stylish French restaurants nestled within luxury hotels -- was again underscored in Michelin's 2011 guide for the city and neighboring gambling hub of Macau.

"Hong Kong is a very good place in worldwide gastronomy," said Jean-Luc Naret, global director of the Michelin guides. Read more...

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