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Home Kitchens for Celebrity Chefs

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Do you remember a recent poll that asked working chefs what they cooked for themselves at home?  Without remembering the results exactly, I could have sworn that 'Mac & Cheese" and 'Ramen Noodles' ranked very high as a common answer. 

So what do you think a chef's home kitchen may look like?  A microwave and hot plate?  Check out this article about some famous chefs and their kitchen gadgets.

At the chef's table

created on: 11/24/10

As different as their owners' respective restaurants, two of these private kitchens have something in common: not a lot of cooking goes on there, at least not by the resident chefs, who dine at home as little as once a week. Only Brier-Billebault, whose cafe serves dinner just one night a week, and Rudis, who does the early-morning baking at Golden West, regularly dine in.

What cooking the chefs do at home tends to be simpler than their restaurant fare.

created on: 11/24/10    created on: 11/24/10    created on: 11/24/10

Photo: Bryan Voltaggio's Home Kitchen

"We're not making foam air in the kitchen," said Jennifer Voltaggio, referring to the molecular-gastronomy magic her husband performs at Volt.

But simple is in the eye of the beholder. Read more...

created on: 11/24/10

Photo: A country French table with ladder-back chairs overlooks chef Cindy Wolf’s kitchen, part of the sun-filled 1930s Ruxton home she bought four years ago. With its six-burner Viking range and Sub-Zero fridge, the kitchen has professional equipment but a homey feel. (Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun / October 21, 2010)

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Source: The Baltimore Sun


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