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'Tis the Season For Catering

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Catering can boost your bottom without breaking your back.  Here are some easy strategies for making it work for you.

Increasing Your Catering Portfolio

created on: 11/22/10Catering and private parties are important to many restaurants because the revenue is secure from the time of booking and the menus are set in advance.

Keeping clients happy is the key to repeat business.  This is especially true in catering.  While guests at an event may be inspired to book their own parties at your establishment, few if any will want exactly the same menu they’ve already been served.  The challenge then becomes, how do you drive efficiency in your kitchen while providing variety on your menu?

Changing up portion size is one way to provide a customized menu without making things unmanageable.  Suggest individual or miniature desserts instead of full portions or demitasse cups of soup as a tasting instead of a full bowl or cup.  

created on: 09/02/10Another strategy is to arm yourself with a portfolio of easy to make recipes that can reflect the seasons by interchanging one component.  Think of a caramel fondue with fresh berries in the spring and summer and the same fondue with apples and pears in the fall and winter.  Then, keep your production steps down by creating a method that works well for building each menu item. This is called mapping!

Remember that customers always seem to remember their favorite dishes so you want to keep some standards on your menu balanced with some more trendy items. For every Caesar Salad, there’s a chocolate truffle with sea salt waiting in the wings. 


Recipes for Minis

created on: 11/29/10   Peanut Butter Mousse Tartlets with Oreo

created on: 11/29/10   Chocolate & Coffee Mousse Mini Pudding Parfaits

created on: 12/09/10   Kraft Foodservice: For more recipes and menu inspiration

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Recipe Source: Kraft Foodservice

Article Source: The Cookwork Editorial Team

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