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The art of finishing a meal

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Enjoying coffee and dessert at the end of a meal is more than a lost art; it’s a lost opportunity for significant profits.


Adding profits to every last crumb

created on: 11/22/10

During the past decade we have seen the upgrading of the quality of coffee American’s have been drinking.  Consumers can be seen carrying their favorite coffee concoctions regardless of the time of day.  The popularity of coffee drinks and the variety of coffees now available has increased consumer savvy more than ever when it comes to a good cup of “Joe”.

Restaurants can no longer afford to ignore this lucrative menu item.  Now is the time to recapture dessert and coffee sales.

Coffee & dessert pairings and mini dessert samplers both capitalize on current trends to drive menu sales.  Following on the heels of wine pairings and now beer pairings, coffee pairings showcases varietal coffee roasts and blends while complementing dessert choices.  Mini desserts are the logical extension of the popularity of small plates and tapas.

Focusing on the end of the meal does several things:  it gives the kitchen a few minutes of breathing space between seatings, it leaves customers with a favorable last impression and it adds profits to your bottom line.


Which coffee drinks do you feature in your operation?

Leave your comments below and we may start a new discussion.

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Article Source: The Cookwork Editorial Team

Photo Source: Coffee and Tirami-su+splash


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