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Mini Desserts with Major Satisfaction

created on: 11/18/10Diminutive treats are natural offshoots from the small-plates trend. Indeed, mini desserts, tapas, sliders, snack wraps and cupcakes dot today's culinary landscape, like bite-sized beacons of restrained indulgence.

Mini trend, Max profit.

Chains and independents alike have keyed into the trend. From Darden-owned Seasons 52 "Mini Indulgences" menu, offering eight classic desserts downsized and priced at $2.50 each, to Brinker-owned Chili's, with its "Sweet Shots" menu that features shot-glass sized treats from $1.99 for one or three for $5.49.

High-end restaurants are in the game too.

created on: 11/18/10Wave at the W Lakeshore Hotel in Chicago features a mini-only dessert menu, offering a choice of three for $8; four for $10 or five for $12. What's the appeal? Lower price point may be one motivator for diners, but the attraction runs deeper than dollars. For those looking for a wee taste of something sweet to round off their meal, mini desserts offer just the smallest—almost guiltless—indulgence. And they bring novelty to the table—a true smorgasbord of delightful treats, ready for sampling and sharing—with little commitment. Trends we see point to minis starring classic, simple dessert profiles. We asked our chefs to develop recipes that capture the best of the trend: small presentations with familiar flavors that diners know and love.

Source: Kraft Foodservice

Mini Dessert Recipes

created on: 11/29/10   Black Forest Parfait with Oreo -- Perfect for kids, or for a grown up wanting a small taste of nostalgia.

created on: 11/18/10   Pumpkin Mousse Tarts with Praline Crumble -- These tarts are great for a holiday menu, offering seasonal favorites

created on: 11/29/10   Mini Chocolate Éclair Tarts -- Simplicity meets decadence in this tart

created on: 12/09/10   Kraft Foodservice: For more recipes and menu inspiration


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Recipe Source: Kraft Foodservice



Dec 15, 2010 12:03 CST

I do think mini is here to stay. I personally like the idea of getting several desserts to try -vs- one large item for about the same price.

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