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Risotto Poll Is Ready!

created on: 07/30/10Hello chefs!

I want to thank everyone for participating in our latest poll.  It was great to see how many chefs answered.   69% of you chose Arborio as the best rice to use for Risotto.  The big surprise is that the right answer was Carnaroli -- kudos to the 20% of you who answered correctly.

Just goes to show that the most common answer may not always be the right one.

The structure of Carnaroli is superior to Arborio in absorbing liquids and maintaining its shape.

Here are the full poll results for member answers, but the correct answer is Carnaroli.

created on: 10/15/10

Look for more culinary knowledge questions in the future.  Do you have a question you think will stump everyone?  Send it to me

Keeping things fresh!

created on: 07/30/10

Chef CWK

Join the discussion "What is your favorite rice?"

Blog: Carniroli is the best rice for Risotto!


christian watson

christian watson
Oct 17, 2010 18:48 CDT

Remember chefs...never stop learning...that is how we continue to evolve.


Oct 15, 2010 14:40 CDT

Wow thanks for sharing that tip. Now I just have to source that in my area. Ilove learning something new every day.

Thanks again.

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