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Lessons From the # 1 restaurant in the World

 created on: 06/17/10 created on: 06/17/10

Before chef René Redzepi opened Noma in Copenhagen in 2003, fellow chefs in Denmark teased him about his Nordic-cuisine concept and dubbed the restaurant "The Stinky Whale," Mr. Redzepi says. Now it's the 32-year-old chef's turn to laugh: In April, Noma was named "best restaurant in the world" on Restaurant magazine's influential list, bumping four-time winner El Bulli out of the top slot. The 40-seat restaurant now receives 100,000 reservation requests a month for its $160, eight-course menu.

created on: 06/17/10"Besides being a fantastic restaurant to eat at, it's a story. They reinvented what food is in Copenhagen," says New York chef David Chang.

Mr. Redzepi creates within a strict framework: He uses only Scandinavian ingredients, which means no foie gras, olive oil or tomatoes when they are out of season. Instead, his team of 28 chefs forages through Denmark's forests and shoreline for wild plants, herbs and roots, and pickles or dries them for later use. Using high-tech culinary techniques and a palette of herbs, stones and moss, he creates visually arresting dishes reminiscent of colorful Cy Twombly or earthy Antoni Tàpies compositions. Read Full Article in the WSJ by Katy McLaughlin photo credit to Culinaire Saisonnier. (Pork Neck & Bulrushes, Glazed Beets and Vegetable Field).

Cookwork Perspective

If you find yourself looking around to see who "the best of the best" are, then just take a peek at the best restaurant in the world, Noma. Now haute cuisine has morphed into many things but you have to agree from the photos alone, Noma is outstanding. What do you think it takes to be the best restaurant in the world? How does this inspire you?


Dec 14, 2010 10:01 CST

american restaurant owners, PLEASE take notice of this!! im sick to death of cooking things out of a cryovac package, vegetables that have been gassed to retain their color, but never reach full maturity flavor wise, meats and vegetables from peru when the farm within driving distance has the same things! Let or MAKE your chef seek out locally available ingredients and discover the difference!


Sep 2, 2010 21:56 CDT

more info ,please


Aug 20, 2010 23:10 CDT

A great idea  which is really just a sensible one (avoiding ingredients off season, for example) deserves the honor.



Jul 22, 2010 14:03 CDT

Great! Thanks for sharing.


Jul 21, 2010 05:00 CDT

Great info. Thanks for sharing it.


Jul 9, 2010 19:13 CDT

This is beautiful. I love it.

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