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7. What if don’t want anyone to see my recipe or if I only want the people I know to see it?


You can choose who sees your recipes when you enter them into the system or you can change this setting once the recipe has been entered.  On the recipe entry screen, you’ll see a drop down menu -- it will appear just above the large green “Ingredients”.   You’ll have 5 options:

Share with No One:  You’ll be the only one to see your recipes

Share with Friends:  Confirmed friends on Cookwork will see them

Share with Community:All Cookwork members will see them

Share with Groups:People in the groups you’ve chosen will see them

Share with Web:Anyone who comes to Cookwork will see them 

If you’ve already completed your recipe, just click on >edit located under the picture of the recipe and you’ll be brought to the screen you used to enter the recipe.  You can change your “share” options there.


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