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2. How do I upload a video in the Red Hot News section?


When writing a news post you can add a video to go with it. To do so, just follow these simple steps.

1) Copy the selected video’s URL link from the video hosting website (Eg: Youtube)

2) When writing your post, under Body Text you’ll see this button     created on: 03/16/11

Click on it.

3) A window will show up and where it says File/URL, paste the link you’ve copied. Click >INSERT. Your video should appear in the Body Text area.

4) Under the Body Text change the option from draft to publish and choose the date you would like to have your post up on the website.

5) Click >SAVE.

Note: All videos have to be confirmed and approved by Cookwork before they are posted.

If your are having trouble uploading a video please see this link:


or send us an e-mail to:



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