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Culinary groups

Marchio_bp_mia_2_ Study Abroad And Training Opportunities

Welcome to Study Abroad & Training Opportunities Group page, the place to learn about studying and training opportunities throughout  the world.


160 members

Images Women Chefs Of Industry

Julia Child is an inspiration to us all; but in an industry dominated by men, I find solitude in the accomplishments of my fellow female guard. I have started this section for us to recognize our own potentials and discuss the opportunities that face us as professional.


150 members

New_cc_logo Chef'S Collaborative

Welcome to the Group dedicated to learning, teaching , and sharing ideas on creating the fundamentals for the "Chef's Collaborative Summit 2010" and keeping the discussion going about sustainability.


121 members

Index_resources_125x73 National Restaurant Association

Welcome all NRA members! this is the start of your group and a place to share videos, pictures, and data. Please feel free to contact other members in your network and invite them here to join you.


109 members

221 Green Chefs/ Blue Ocean



Because 70% of the revenue generated by seafood sales in the United States occurs in restaurants and catering services, we believe working with established culinary professionals and engaging the emerging talents in US culinary schools can significantly affect demand. Green Chefs, Blue Ocean strives to endow the next generation of great chefs with the knowledge and inspiration to practice seafood sustainability and promote ocean conservation. (


104 members

Screen%20shot%202010-10-04%20at%201 Cooking Video Library


To see all the videos click on MESSAGES.

Culinary videos are an excellent resource to share with all members. You may have some new techniques that no one has seen or it could be the place that you get noticed for something unique. Youtube is an excellent way to manage your uploads from your computer, however Cookwork is exclusively for chefs which makes it a perfect place to share your videos with a culinary audience.

Do you think that you have what it takes to become a television star, celebrity chef, or signature series cookbook star? This group is dedicated to sharing your cooking or instructional videos with our community.

Group Notes:
Please consider that all video must first be available for sharing! You must be a member of this group to upload video. Not all formats may be supported, so please consider using embedded codes or unique URLs where sharing is permitted.

For Upload Directions

First, please join the group. Next, go to the Messages link to navigate to this topic and further instructions. Please remember that all videos are subject to copyright infringement laws. 


92 members

Homepage-content-area-1 American Culinary Federation

Welcome all ACF members! this is the start of your group and a place to share videos, pictures, and data. Please feel free to contact other members in your network and invite them here to join you.


72 members

Trail_mix Chef Just Starting

Chef just starting and learning new things and chef with experience too.  Recipes we can all learn from each other. New cooking styles that we use.


69 members

Images Pastry Chefs United

Most kitchen forums conveniently forget Pastry Chefs! So what if we are the last ( and unfortunately optional) course in a meal, we are still the ones that make the LASTing impression and the Bread accompanying your Main course! 

Let us unite in our quest to develop a better world of pastry chefs and share our knowledge !!


60 members

Q110270970151_4847 Slow Food Movement

Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.
To do that, Slow Food brings together pleasure and responsibility, and makes them inseparable.
Today, we have over 100,000 members in 132 countries.


58 members

Toplogo Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Schools And Programs

Welcome to the group dedicated to continued networking for students from Le Cordon Bleu. Enjoy the functionalities on Cookwork to assist you throughout your career. Please engage other students to join and contribute to Cookwork. We are only as strong as our ability to reach everyone in our industry. This is a great place to network for all of you needs and stay connected beyond the newsletter.


37 members

Screen_shot_2010-02-04_at_12 Chefs Of Italy

Ciao Chefs! This group is to celebrate the community members of Italy. Welcome all to our group. Now we can share our data, opinions, and pictures with our own group!


36 members

Screen_shot_2009-11-04_at_10 Graduates Of The Culinary Institute Of America

Are you a graduate of the CIA? Share this space with others as we explore the networking possibilities of this group.



31 members

Ccc79bfd8f7b02c8 Filipino Chefs

Mabuhay! This group is for all of the Filipino/Filipina Chefs all over the world. And for the Filipino At heart, you can also learn filipino dishes here in this group.


31 members

Hdrlogoai Art Institutes Culinary Programs

Welcome to the Group for graduates and students from the Art Institute. Welcome and invite your friends.


26 members

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