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Apr 8, 2013
Thumb_acbe9b7f607dc28f1aa7a867a3a_h296_w526_m2_bblack_q99_p99_czrxaewoc punkangel 1 post

Employment / Unemployed Chefs

Hi I am a culinary student I  need advice I am looking to be in the kitchen my problem is I been out of the resturant business and in school  Writing my application  is hard because its the dates , closed up jobs(bosses are gone and resturants are no more) I don’t have the skills that jobs want I mean they ask for experince cooks or 2 years . I am  an enter  level cook . How can I get a chef to give me a chance? I go to school but I havent graduated yet I am still working.on it  Any advice how to get back in?( The kitchen I been in other areas but my wish is to be a cook) I want to work in the Casino ( or other if there is another restaurant )they have here in Lemoore . Hope some one replies or I might have to check after class.

Feb 7, 2013
Icon_missing_thumb chefcharlie 1 post

Cooking / sauce for clams casino

I want to make my version of clams casino without clams thinking on toast points or stuffing mushrooms and was trying to think of a sauce to drizzle  on top. Thought is maybe a beurre blanc but unsure. Thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

Thank you in advance

Chef Charlie.

Dec 27, 2012
Thumb_36947_137394676271346_100000024430531_388679_950608_n XellosBlackF... 3 posts

Nutrition / Can chefs help to combat childhood obesity?

Blaming us for obesity is like blaming coke for diabetes.. .

Oct 26, 2012
Thumb_265 chefajay 1 post

Teaching at Culinary Schools / Do you love being a Chef and now you want to teach?

for me teaching in a culinary school is not my cup of tea,for me the real pleasure to teach is the on job trainning as when doing the service you learn together ,you get to adapt yourself with all kind of pressure instead in a school. thanks

Aug 22, 2012
Thumb_coffee food grrrl 1 post

Cooking / pricing of catering for 50: spanish tapas/no alcohol


I’m helping out a good friend (and hopefully getting some exposure for a new biz) and offered to cater her ‘green’ mixer for approx 50 peeps.  Will be held around dinner time, appetizers only, no booze. Lot’s of tree-huggers, architects, alternative housing design/builders, solar, etc.  i would be happy to break even on the food and supplies cost.  Questions:  How many types of appetizers should there be? Number of servings per person? Would 3 types of desserts be sufficient? I plan on serving a mostly vegetarian menu ~ perhaps w/skewered chicken breast and chorizo as the only meat offerings (nothing that needs chafing dishes either).  Will have tapas such as marinated olives/feta, fried chick peas, 2 or 3 types of hummus w/breads, veggies/dip, spiced nuts, fruit/cheese platters, brownies/cookies.  Non-alcoholic sangria if I can find a good recipe.  We want to charge an admission fee and need it to cover the food/paper goods cost (anything over that goes to me)  Anyone have a rough estimate on what the food cost might be (this event is being held in southern Arizona) ~ this will help determine how much to charge for tickets.  Thank you so much!!

Aug 1, 2012
Thumb_myself_with_egg michalschlierer 29 posts

Missing Forums! / Stuck at the crossroad

Just one addition to the good advise already given: give it already some thought what kind of restaurant or food business you would like to start. At least sort out what is ‘must’ and what is ‘must not’. Just gaining experience is not enough in my opinion; the culinary field is big and there are many options—explore them a bit and you will be able to come up with a tailormade approach. It will help you to focus on the relevant issues you will be facing. Good luck!

Aug 1, 2012
Thumb_myself_with_egg michalschlierer 29 posts

Culinary Equipment & Apparel / FWE Cook & Hold, what it can do for you

Again: you are absoulely right: this definitely is the place to spread the gospel. I am fully with you and I am looking forward to more info.

Culinary regards,


Jul 23, 2012
Thumb__dsc2861 Chef Nathan ... 2 posts

Culinary Equipment & Apparel / FWE Cook & Hold, what it can do for you

I do work for FWE, but I am no salesman lol.  I have been helping with the development of their new cook & hold along with other projects and am asked alot why buy one.  I am starting a blog and found this site so i thought this would be a great place to get started. 

Jul 16, 2012
Thumb_myself_with_egg michalschlierer 29 posts

Culinary Equipment & Apparel / FWE Cook & Hold, what it can do for you

You sure sound like a salesman for the FWE company…. But joking aside: I couldn’t agree more with you! And I am stunned to see how slow businesses are to take this up! I suspect at times that we chefs have the attitude that if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not real work. If chefs and restaurants would take up the proper equipment, understand it and work smartly with it, they could increase quality AND earnings, while reducing stress and ( I hate to say it) staff—as you were saying. In my experience the hurdle of purchasing and properly working with such equipment can be overcome only by training. So: dear fellow chefs, please take a day off, sign-up for a training day with the companies who supply this kind of equipment and never look back… I know, now I sound like a salesman myself…

Jul 16, 2012
Thumb_myself_with_egg michalschlierer 29 posts

BOH & Restaurant Management / How to Handle Difficult Customers

What I have learned over the years is this: there are very good reasons why Back-of-House and Front-of House are separated in restaurant settings! It is much better for the customer not to be confronted with the chef and it takes professionals to deal with customers. Of course, when I started my own catering business I had to do both; and honestly: I was not up fot the game on the long run. I am a chef, not a salesperson. And I am not even talking ‘difficult’ customers. Difficult only exists for those who are not prepared or euqipped to deal with customer demands. I know, there are some customers out there, who are simply ‘bad news’. But most situations could be resolved, if the right people were in place to deal with the demands of the customer. Like with so many things in this business, often there is a lack of professionalism on our side—we should be self critical enough to face this.

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