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CULINARY EQUIPMENT & APPAREL FORUM FWE Cook & Hold, what it can do for you

Thumb__dsc2861 Chef Nathan ... 2 posts


Why buy a cook and hold?  The primary advantage to a FWE cook and hold is the low and controlled temperatures.  This technology helps dramatically reduce loss in many roasted meats.  This reduction improves yields allowing for more servings thus increased revenue.  As much as an additional serving or two of prime rib can be saved with one of these cook and hold ovens.  To achieve this, the product must come up to temperature at a slower pace.  A drawback that chefs face with this low temperature cooking is the loss to the dark, crisp, caramelized outside of meat products.  FWE’s engineering team have been working hard to find that perfect balance that allows for the Maillard effect to be achieved, giving that desired flavor and texture that many chefs want.

The cook and hold runs at a lower temperature so it requires less energy than typical ovens.  In restaurants that require an electric demand fee, utilizing overnight cooking could offer even more of an expense advantage.  Since the unit is cooking at a low temperature (below 350°) the use of a hood is not required in the majority of the United States.  This flexibility allows large kitchens to save on space and the expense of having to purchase extra ventilation hoods.

Overnight cooking offers labor saving as well.  If a product is started before a shift ends it will cook to a predetermined setting and automatically switch to a holding cabinet.  Without a piece of equipment like this, staff may have to come in early and cook before service time thus extending working hours and payroll.  Kitchen staff doesn’t even need to come in early to preheat this unit if the Delayed Preheat option is utilized.  Program what time the unit should start and open the kitchen with hot cooking and holding equipment already to go.  To save more on payroll FWE has advanced upon the preset function that has been helping kitchen staff for years.  With 15 programmable cooking procedures now available, inexperienced staff can cook correctly and consistently to the restaurants standard operation procedures.

Thumb_myself_with_egg michalschlierer 29 posts

You sure sound like a salesman for the FWE company…. But joking aside: I couldn’t agree more with you! And I am stunned to see how slow businesses are to take this up! I suspect at times that we chefs have the attitude that if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not real work. If chefs and restaurants would take up the proper equipment, understand it and work smartly with it, they could increase quality AND earnings, while reducing stress and ( I hate to say it) staff—as you were saying. In my experience the hurdle of purchasing and properly working with such equipment can be overcome only by training. So: dear fellow chefs, please take a day off, sign-up for a training day with the companies who supply this kind of equipment and never look back… I know, now I sound like a salesman myself…

Thumb__dsc2861 Chef Nathan ... 2 posts

I do work for FWE, but I am no salesman lol.  I have been helping with the development of their new cook & hold along with other projects and am asked alot why buy one.  I am starting a blog and found this site so i thought this would be a great place to get started. 

Thumb_myself_with_egg michalschlierer 29 posts

Again: you are absoulely right: this definitely is the place to spread the gospel. I am fully with you and I am looking forward to more info.

Culinary regards,


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CULINARY EQUIPMENT & APPAREL FORUM FWE Cook & Hold, what it can do for you
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