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MISSING FORUMS! FORUM Stuck at the crossroad

Icon_missing_thumb soyapower 5 posts

I’m currently a student at Le cordon bleu. Will be graduating diploma level in 3 months time. Question is where do I head after diploma?? Culinary in Malaysia isn’t exciting. I would say its like France 25 years ago. Should I open my own restaurant/cafe??

Thumb_379935_2774793497883_1499457218_2922165_171145264_n Porcelina1023 47 posts

i highly recomend building a name for yourself.  most student thinks that because they are a chef on means they are a chef in expierence.  i say get kitchen expierence and then open a place on your own.  if you have already have kitchen expierence and feel confident in opening a place on your own but do so.  but make sure you do your homework on everything first.

Icon_missing_thumb soyapower 5 posts

Hi porcelina,
Thank you for the advice. Will look into getting kitchen experience then open my own place.

Thumb_myself_with_egg michalschlierer 29 posts

Just one addition to the good advise already given: give it already some thought what kind of restaurant or food business you would like to start. At least sort out what is ‘must’ and what is ‘must not’. Just gaining experience is not enough in my opinion; the culinary field is big and there are many options—explore them a bit and you will be able to come up with a tailormade approach. It will help you to focus on the relevant issues you will be facing. Good luck!

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MISSING FORUMS! FORUM Stuck at the crossroad
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